Being as entrenched in the wedding community as we, your Wedding Collective New Mexico team, are —  it should come as no surprise that we have quite a few friends! 

Some of those friends are newly engaged couples looking to save time and stress during their wedding planning process and some are wedding professionals who make dream celebrations a reality. And so, we try our best to provide info and advice that applies to all wedding-obsessed folks on this little blog of love letters. 

But sometimes, it’s just not for everyone. Like today! Today, we’re focusing on sharing love, education, and resources with small businesses and creatives who make wedding magic happen in New Mexico. 

Engaged couples: get out of here! Go swoon over this wedding inspo eye candy instead. (Wink.) 

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Though the two categories — engaged couples and wedding professionals — are not mutually exclusive, the latter deserves some extra love. Local pros do, after all, make our wedding world go ‘round. 

So, to show our appreciation for our community, and continue to support its never-ending evolution, our team sat down for a brainstorming session a few years ago. We asked ourselves and one another, “How can we spread knowledge, connect creatives, and push our industry to new heights?”

The result? WedTalks. 

Wednesday, April 12 2023 | 9am – 3pm | Sheraton Uptown | Registration

The event was a hit — even the virtual and hybrid versions we hosted during the height of the pandemic!

With an all-star lineup of speakers and topics for WedTalks 2023, this year’s day-long, educational conference is shaping up to be our best yet. If you’re not familiar with the wedding-specific, New Mexican version of TED Talks, keep scrolling! You’ll learn 3 reasons why WedTalks has become such a beloved experience in our community of wedding pros. 

(And it’s not just the dazzling array of delicious eats and specialty drinks, either!)

1. Learn from boots-on-the-ground experts. 

Whether you’re an emerging business looking for the inside scoop from an industry pioneer, or a veteran of the wedding world hoping to modernize your practices, WedTalks is a one-stop-shop for wedding marketing, business, and strategy education. 

Ditch the YouTube tutorials and endless stream of how-to business blogs — learn from real people making a real impact in our community. 

2. Not yo mama’s networking event

Empowerment and genuine connection are two of the main focuses of WedTalks, so while the event is a big deal in our community, it’s still an intimate, specially-tailored experience. We intentionally cultivate a comfortable space that allows for one-on-one conversations with fellow pros and industry-leading experts. 

Not only will you learn life-changing tips and strategies, but you might just find your new collaborator or business BFF, too!

3. Your business deserves it.

WedTalks was created so businesses of all sizes, scales, and specialties can grow and develop in fruitful directions. Investing in your self-education not only supports the long-term trajectory of your business venture but also your relationship with your business as well. 

Come learn how to streamline processes and fine-tune your approaches so you can do more of what you love, with less stress and more joy, now and for the years to come. 

WedTalks 2023 Speaker + Topic Lineup

Registration | Event Details | More photos from 2022

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