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At Wedding Collective New Mexico and Colorado, fostering connections between engaged couples and the local wedding community is what we are all about. Showcasing innovative and locally inspired content is what keeps us going. Our Wedding Collective Blog is our happy place! We determine the weddings that we feature on our blog by a couple of key components:

Submissions from Wedding Professionals:

We consider proximity to our readers – we take immense pride in the work and dedication of our local wedding professionals, and prefer to highlight the eclectic wedding markets of New Mexico and Colorado through them. We also consider image quality, uniqueness, and setting according to what Wedding Collective Blog readers love.

We also consider our working relationship with local professionals–Wedding Collective members’ content will take priority on our blog, because our relationship with these business owners ensures our confidence in their integrity and relevance to the wedding community. Wedding Collective members may utilize this platform freely, as a part of their partnership with the Wedding Collective team.

That said, non-Wedding Collective members are more than welcome, and encouraged to submit content for the blog at any time, for a nominal fee.

Submissions from Couples:

We consider proximity to our readers – did we mention that we love local celebrations? Real Weddings that are featured in our print guide will take priority on our blog because we like to showcase every last detail that was not included in the magazine, here on the blog. We also consider image quality, uniqueness, and setting according to what Wedding Collective Blog readers love. Click here for more information on announcing your engagement or featuring your Sweetest Day in our guide.

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Deanna Kincheloe-Delgado, Creative Assistant:

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