3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Big Day- Pt 1

Now days, many couples, for many different reasons, are looking for inexpensive and frugal options for their wedding day. Whether you and your spouse are living simple, or you just aren’t committed to spending thousands on one event, here at Perfect Wedding Guide, we have a few tips and tricks to help you create your perfect wedding on a budget:

1. Communicate:

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

When your significant other pops the question, you both need to sit down and talk. Figure out how much you both are willing to pay for the wedding and whether or not anyone in your family is willing to help out. Talking about this and creating a baseline budget is absolutely crucial in planning. Once you find a budget, stick to it! You can do it; we promise…

2. Make Some Lists:

We swear by this! Making lists helps you organize your thoughts and accomplish your goals.

a. Make a list of guests:  Who needs to be there? You and your fiancé need to compile a list of important people who need to share this special day with you. We recommend that you keep this list short, though! (See our post about Intimate Weddings)

b. Make a list of things you cannot live without: What are the things you have been dreaming about? You know exactly what we are talking about. The cake design you have been dreaming of since you first met your fiancé is a MUST, so put it on this list. Once you have everything down, divide your established budget among these items, so you have a specific budget for each item.

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

3. Don’t Procrastinate:

This isn’t your 7th grade History project, so make sure you start early. Go shopping and watch out for deals. If you wait until the last minute, you will be stuck with last minute prices…

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  1. Great list!! Not procrastinating is one the most important, everything seems to go up in price the longer you wait to book it

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