Exclusive Interview with Dream Factory Productions

I had the opportunity to dive into some behind the scene details from team leader and owner of Dream Factory Productions.  This is what Patrick Milligan shared about his length in business and what drives his passion every day:

“We have been in business now for 13 years as of December 27th. What drives my passion every day is that when I’m a part of someone’s special day for the 4-5 hours that the reception takes place, the couple and their guest get to forget about all their life’s troubles with work, money, health, and every other one of life’s troubles and live in that moment. Everything for that moment in time doesn’t matter anymore and they can just be a part of the celebration forgetting everything without any stress of everyday life. There is just something magical about playing the right set of music and bringing two families together as one. I have always said that we are in the business of making dreams come true and making memories for everyone. By being honored to be a part of that magic is what drives my passion day in and day out. ” Clouds 3

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