Wedding planning: Choosing wine for the reception

When a couple begins wedding planning, they soon realize how many decisions have to be made. One of which is choosing the wine, beer and cocktails for the reception. According to The Advertiser News South, when selecting wine, many couples turn to the catering company to choose. However, this may not be the best idea, as caterers tend to mark up the prices.

Some tips for choosing the best wine without taking a massive chunk out of a budget include skipping the champagne. A beverage with the actual name “champagne” can only be sold from the Champagne region of France under European Union trade laws. So, by opting for cava or prosecco instead, the couple can save some money without compromising quality, according to the news source.

In addition, it is important for couples to remember their guests’ preferences. If the majority doesn’t drink wine, the pair should not splurge on it. Plus, the bride- and groom-to-be should also not forget to taste all the wines – this simple step gets overlooked more often than many expect.

Those who are still unsure can get some ideas from celebrities. According to the Los Angeles Times, Drew Barrymore’s recent wedding to Will Kopelman featured wines from her own label.

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