3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Big Day- Pt 2

Hey lovelies! Happy #WeddingWednesday!  We are back in action with part 2 of our sweet money saving tips + tricks. Every time we see a money saving idea we are taking note to share with you because we want you to really splurg on your most important wedding elements and save on the rest!

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oneThis first tip is an industry insider secret so take notes! Double up on using ceremony floral/ décor by having it moved during cocktail hour to your reception space. Big vases of flowers or gorgeous antique lanterns are easy to move and will keep your wedding looking ultra cohesive.

Photo by: Allan Zepeda

twoThe floral you choose will be much less expensive if you decide on things that are in-season and available in the area. Ask you florist to double up on greenery to make your arrangements look ultra lush.  If you have your heart set on a particular flower check out this comprehensive list of popular seasonal flowers {here} courtesy of Rue Mag- that way you can see when the best time would be to schedule your nuptials. Another option is to use silk organically correct flowers mixed in with your fresh, in season florals. Arrangements will stay looking beautiful especially so if you are planning on doing anything outdoor and because it is mixed in with the real stuff – no one can tell a difference… promise!

Photo by: Suzuran Photography

threePlease.for.the.love HIRE A PLANNER! Wedding planners may seem like a pricey luxury but trust when we say…that because they have so many connections in the industry they can actually ending up saving you some serious mula! 

If you don’t need as much help with the choosing and hiring of vendors but still want someone to help with all the logistics of the actual ceremony, hiring a day-of coordinator is the way to go. Find you perfect planner here

We will be back soon with more of these fun money saving tips. In the meantime check out more on everything wedding + wedding planning at PerfectWeddingGuide.com

Much love xoxo – PWG


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