Could flash-mob proposals be the new wedding essentials?

A recently engaged couple with a great story will soon walk down the aisle
Wedding proposals can come in many forms, some so outlandish and cute that they cause a stir around the globe even when they don’t involve a celebrity.

Imagine walking in the park with your boyfriend when someone approaches you, forces you to sit in a chair and demands that you watch while your man is interviewed for a documentary. What is going on?!

A proposal, that’s what.

A man proposed to his fiancée via an elaborate flash-mob in Washington Square Park, and the event was captured on video. The performers launched into “Shake It” by Metro Park, wearing shirts that read “He (Hearts) You,” according to

The cute young man joined the 12 dancers in their routine, and revealed he was sporting a shirt that read “I (Heart) You.”

In addition, the hopeful suitor had made up large cards that read “I have loved you …since the day we met” and “All I want …is to make you HAPPY …everyday.”

After the song ended, the groom-to-be got down on one knee and pulled a ring out from his pocket, asking “Will you marry me.” The video never shows the girlfriend’s face, but her guy’s bright smile suggests things went well.

If he’s that creative in his proposal, we hope he has some creative wedding ideas as well!

Top that, guys.

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