Wedding decorations a focus in 2011

Brides-to-be are notorious for wanting everything to be perfect on their wedding days, from the napkins to the band to the place settings. But if there’s one thing brides will be focusing on in 2011, it might be the sweeter side of their nuptials – their cakes.

“Blame it on the popularity of ‘Top Chef: Just Desserts,’ ‘Amazing Cakes’ and ‘Cake Boss,’ but cake bakers and pastry chefs are churning out incredible desserts and wedding cakes with gourmet flavors and haute style,” Josh Gurvitz, a wedding planner from Indianapolis, told the Indianapolis Star.

Of course, the cake’s not the only thing that nearly-weds are concerned about when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. According to Gurvitz, there is no shortage of things for brides and grooms to customize for their wedding days, from the musical selections to the catering. When it comes to keeping guests entertained, Gurvitz offers the Star a few suggestions.

“Fireworks displays can be another tremendous example of entertainment, especially near the end of the festivities. If you’re having an outdoor reception, I love to pass out sparklers to all the guests, too,” he says.

Another recommendation? Ice sculptures. “While they basically just sit and melt, guests can become mesmerized by the beauty and intricate details of these sculptures. Plus they double as decorations,”

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