Go-to details for unique wedding dresses

Wedding dresses with black embellishments are popular at the moment.
The colder months are upon us, and women planning a wedding during the winter may be wondering what fashions are in vogue. According to Glamour.com, there’s a certain detail that gals sifting through designer wedding gowns may want to consider – dark embellishments.

However, brides-to-be may want to tread carefully when wedding dress shopping and search for elaborate, princess-style creations.

“The key to keeping black accents from looking goth is making sure they’re counterbalanced by plenty of froth,” the news source reports.

Girls who are aisle-bound may want search for wedding dresses that are accompanied by a gorgeous black sash. Also, a dark belt will look just beautiful on a pretty, poofy gown.

Also, another way to turn heads while you make your way to your groom is by donning a mini-dress that features a train.

“This is the bridal style version of having your cake and eating it too, because you get to show off your legs and enjoy the dramatic effect of a train,” the news source reports.

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