Wedding Planning: 10 Tips for Hiring the Right Professionals for Your Wedding

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Interviewing and hiring wedding vendors is one of the more intimidating aspects of wedding planning, especially if you have never had to conduct interviews. Very often, couples will tell me that they are afraid of insulting a vendor if they ask too many questions, or they are concerned about discussing price. Every professional wedding vendor expects to go through a rigorous interview process, so you have nothing to fear about that. The following are my secrets for selecting the best professionals for your wedding.

  1. Know your budget for each vendor: Knowing how much you can afford to spend will allow you to narrow your vendor options even before you start the interview process. While you are interviewing, share your budget with the vendor so that he can give you his best options for your price range.
  2. Start your search by looking at advertisements: You can get some insight into a vendor’s style by look at the ads that he uses. Look for ads whose style and price matches what you are looking for. See what points he emphasizes for his business. Is he projecting that he is exclusive and expensive, approachable and moderately priced, or the best bargain in town?
  3. Check out the vendors’ websites: This will give you even more insight into the vendors’ styles and prices. Preliminary shopping on the Internet will save you time and gas money!
  4. Call and email for more information: This will give you an indication as to how interested the vendor is in your business. Was he available to speak with you right away? Did he promptly return your call or email? Was he genuinely interested in what you want? Was the information that was sent to you personalized?

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