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If you’re here, on this Wedding Collective blog, reading about the magic of weddings in New Mexico, chances are, you’re a little bit whimsical.

And if you don’t identify as whimsical, that’s okay, and we mean no offense!

It’s just that, we’ve spent over 15 years doing this labor of love, and we’ve learned a few things about weddings in the southwest. Our labor of love being, of course, fostering connections between the dream-makers we call wedding vendor friends (friendors for short, occasionally), and the engaged couples who make the whole wedding world go ‘round.

After being a fly on the wall for quite literally thousands of weddings in New Mexico, and now growing into Colorado as well, we’ve learned that the more we learn about love, whimsy, business, community, creativity, and those important things in life, the more we still have left to learn. 

We’ve seen even the most stubborn of Great-Great Aunt Betty’s get out on the dance floor and break a move; we’ve seen the most calm, professional, and coolheaded business men turn into party animals when they clock in for their job as the DJ who gets Great-Great Aunt Betty on the dance floor. 

We’ve seen how our friendors, even in their most dedicated, most straightforward, most professional moments can still hold on to the thread of passion that makes all the hard work worth it. (That thread being connected to the idea of love, of course.) If any of our wedding pro friends are reading this, we’re sorry to spill the beans, but what you and our community of lovebirds have taught us is this: you can be both professional and whimsical. 

The two states are not mutually exclusive! 

Keara Lloyd Photo

And, believe it or not, there’s nothing wrong with being a little corny. Love is that thing that makes us all a little corny, a little cliche — perhaps that’s why we, as humans, came up with so many cliche phrases in the first place. 

So, following this metaphor into the actual point of this blog, you might be surprised to learn that despite our new-fangled, high tech, modern-century approach to wedding planning that we showcase on our website, our team is still pretty flipping whimsical.

We don’t mind being corny, we don’t mind being earnest about how much we love our jobs, and frankly, we don’t believe the rumors that print is dead. 

Sarah Kathryn D Photography

After 15+ years at this, there’s basically no hope for changing our minds. We have heard too many delightful squeals at the adorably-portable size of our print magazine — if we hadn’t, we’d have stopped printing it long ago. Trust us. 

We have heard just one too many mothers-turned-wedding-planner-assistants say things along the lines of: “I always read your magazine when I’m in line, or waiting at the dentist, or basically any time I’d rather get lost in the daydream of my child’s upcoming wedding.” 

Or: “I actually stole 15 copies from my favorite bar because my best friend’s wedding announcement is in it and I want to have as many keepsakes as possible.” 

(That last one always makes us laugh — it’s a free magazine, people! You can’t steal what is a gift from us to you.) 

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Whether you’re jumping in on your computer, like a good and sound modern person to read all the way through this insanely whimsical blog post, or getting lost in the love-sauce through our new edition of the Wedding Collective New Mexico print magazine — we all know the truth.

You’re just a little whimsical, that’s all! 

And don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. We all fully accept the fact that we humans love to daydream about love, and if you need a reminder that daydreaming about love is perfectly okay: we’ve got one that will fit perfectly in your purse. 

Click here to either view the magazine from the comfort of a screen or to order a physical copy delivered to your door. 

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