Cake, Aliens, and More Cake!

At Perfect Wedding Guide, we always like to stay involved with fun stuff in the wedding world, and what could be more fun than cake?! Take a look at the answers we got from the owner of The Chocolate Maven when we went looking for some crazy cake fun…

PWG: Can you share with us a unique wedding experience you’ve had?

Dharm: “We’re in Santa Fe- every wedding is a unique and special experience. Each couple brings their own style to the collaboration. We delight in celebrating love. We’ve been in business since the 80’s. We strive to be environmentally conscious, using natural food colors, unbleached flour, local resources. The joy of the experience drives our passion daily. We believe wedding cakes should not only look beautiful, they should taste good too! Food by happy bakers tastes better!”

PWG: What’s a non-traditional wedding theme that you’ve seen recently that stood out to you?

Dharm: “We once did an Alien Abduction Cake. It was a huge Mayan Pyramid with the bride & groom on top. There was a rig set up with a UFO that floated over the pyramid and lifted up the bride & groom cake topper.”

We didn’t get a picture of the alien cake, that delicious creation was abducted by all the wedding guests before anyone could snap a picture! But here is a beautiful photo, taken by Tony Gambino Photography,  of Micaela & Raffinee cutting their magnificent wedding cake, designed and made by The Chocolate Maven!


Thank you Aviva Baumann, Wedding Cake Coordinator over at The Chocolate Maven, for filling us in on some answers to our little questionnaire.

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