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Have you noticed the smell of juniper in wood stoves filling the morning air lately? It’s true summer only ended one day ago, technically, but these chilly mornings have us reaching for pumpkin coffee and oversized sweaters already! 

Soon the leaves will start their gold and crimson blushing, the green chiles will have their final roast, and we’ll all be counting down the days until the Balloon Fiesta. Autumn has arrived in New Mexico! 

And because you know what we’re about here so we can pretend this is a more subtle segue — what better time to fall in love with Crystal Cousin, a magic-making wedding photographer elevating our local community? With the soft, warm tones that give her photos their signature look, she’s the go-to creative for all the autumn-lovers out there! 

It’s not that Crystal only shoots during the fall, just that all of her wedding and elopement photos capture that magical, ephemeral autumn vibe that feels nostalgic and brand new all at once. Yes, part of that has to do with the characteristic hues of her photographs, but it’s also due to the emotions that lift off them, too. 

You shouldn’t feel alone in this process.


After having the perfect elopement of her own, Crystal became obsessed with creating that unforgettable moment for the engaged lovebirds in our state. And aren’t we so lucky she decided to steer her creative energy in our direction?!

Having been in front of the camera before, she has a keen understanding of what exactly you need in order to be relaxed, present, and confident even with a lens watching you. That’s what makes her work so unique — not that her fabulous editing doesn’t catch your eye, it does, but the warm and cozy feelings you get from her work are direct translations of the love she’s captured between two souls uniting as one. 

Whether you’re partial to the agreeable fall weather or not, you can rest assured that when you’re shooting with Crystal Cousin Photo, your heart, your photos, and your fiancée will all be shining like gold

Thank you for being here, being a part of our community, and being your talented self, Crystal — we, your Wedding Collective team, and all the engaged couples in New Mexico are blessed to have you! 

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