Joy + Manny | A Real Wedding with Maura Jane Photography

To all of the engaged couples, looking-to-be engaged couples, or simply wedding-obsessed humans out there, we just want to take a moment to tell you that we are rooting for you! Planning a wedding during this time stirs up all sorts of emotions, and we are definitely feeling them too. Despite the setbacks and confusion, we are finding ways to continue to connect you with amazing wedding vendors and tons of inspiration. It wouldn’t be possible without all of your spirit and determination to create your ideal New Mexico wedding!

When it comes to ideal weddings, working with Maura Jane Photography is a no-brainer. Her bright + airy images carry a sort of grace with them that is beyond compare – and the way she showcases love makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. In fact, she inspires us so much that we’ve asked her to be our new sponsor for the photos on our homepage, which you can check out here.

Joy + Manny chose Maura Jane Photography for their wedding day and it brought so much light and happiness into a time when it is hard to find. The results? To put it simply – pure magic.


“Joy and Manny met while working at a middle school in Arizona. She wasn’t planning on renewing her contract, but something made her resign it anyways. She wasn’t sure why she did… but it seemed that her questions were answered when Manny was assigned to her as a TA. It was an instant connection that the two couldn’t deny, and we were so honored to witness their chemistry firsthand! This adorable couple is just so loving, they made it an absolute breeze to capture stunning romantic images!” – Maura Jane Photography


“COVID-19 has changed plans for countless people worldwide, and Joy and Manny were no exception. So many of our couples were forced to postpone their weddings, unsure of what regulations would be in place when their date finally arrived and worried for their guests, but Joy and Manny decided that no plague would be keeping them apart. Downsizing their guest list immensely, so that only their immediate family was in attendance, these two could not wait to be wed.

The morning of, when asked if she was nervous, Joy replied that she wasn’t nervous at all, just incredibly excited, and wanted the moment to come quicker. Manny matched her enthusiasm equally, as he had the same response when asked that question as well. The overall tone of the day was one of pure joy, no pun intended, and everyone was thrilled to have some good news, along with something happy to celebrate, after enduring the dark swirls of everything that has been happening in the country— and the world— lately.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and the ceremony turned out beautifully. White rose petals kissed the hem of her dress as Joy gracefully made her way down the stairs and to the alter, and the look on Manny’s face when he saw her melted our hearts. There wasn’t a dry eye as they exchanged their vows, as Manny’s were just so incredibly sweet, and it was written all over his face how much he truly cared for his bride. After Joy said her vows to him, she surprised everybody with something special: she pulled out the purity ring she had been given as a child and in turn gave it to her groom, informing him that she had been wearing it all these years for him. It had everyone tearing up all over again!

Ever since we met these two, they have been nothing but bright smiles and warm words. It’s no secret that we magically end up with the sweetest couples, but they truly embodied endurance, patience, and an absolute delight from the get-go.” – Maura Jane Photography


Vendors | Venue: Hotel Parq Central Photography: Hannah for Maura Jane Photography Dress: Imani from Luv Bridal Suit: Parker and Schmidt Clothiers Florals: Florecita Flowers Cake: Hotel Parq Central HMU: Beauty Therapy by Kim

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