Three movies to watch to get you wedding ready!

Hollywood has been producing hilarious wedding flicks for as far back as I can remember. Most of which depict crazy situations that take place during the wedding planning process and end with a lesson learned about what is truly  important while getting married ( family, friends and love) . With the opening of “The Big Wedding”  I got to thinking about older wedding movies that I use to enjoy. I thought brides and  grooms could re-watch a couple of these popular movies just as a reminder to stay calm and collected on their big day.  Here are a couple of the classics.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a story of a woman in her thirties who finally finds love . While finding love was surely an uphill battle, planning her wedding is no piece of cake. Anyone with strong cultured families can relate to Toula’s stress as she plans her wedding to Ian, who is not Greek. Everyone has that one aunt who shares to much information or the Mom that insists on feeding everyone. I remember bursting into laughter as members of Toula’s family plan her wedding without the couple’s input . From the Greek flag-inspired wedding invitations to the outlandish bridesmaid dresses, this movies reminds us that in the end families and cultures coming together, is what’s most important.


Father of the Bride is a hilarious remake all about a father ultimately having to let go of his little girl and also let go of some control as the wedding is planned to happen in his home . The over-the-top plans for this extravagant wedding brings big laughs and who can forget the eccentric wedding planner in Father of the Bride- hilarious!


The Big Wedding which just hit theaters on April 26, 2013 and is the story of one family’s attempt to avoid wedding-day drama when the divorced parents (Robert DeNiro and Diane Keaton) of the groom have to get along  for the weekend.

Robin Williams plays the officiant, so there are sure to be some laughs during this wedding ceremony.


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