Red Doc Farm Engagement {Manny + Melinda}

Located in Belen, New Mexico, about 35 miles south of Albuquerque, Red Doc Farm was the perfect location for Manny and Melinda’s picturesque engagement shoot. After all, this vast cattle ranch is where they first met. And as fellow kin of the farming and ranching community, announcing their engagement any other way would be downright unnatural.

Captured by Maura Jane Photography, with large green pastures and the famous sunset of the southwest landscape as their makeshift studio, their engagement shoot was picture perfect. And seeing how these two lovebirds look at each other, makes it obvious that they are head over heels. As you can see, these two are literally a match made in ranching heaven!

Manny and Melinda both grew up with the farm and ranching lifestyle and decided there was no better place to take their engagement pictures then at Red Doc Farm, where they met and fell in love. One special day Melinda’s dad asked Manny to go pick up some bales of hay he had left on the field at her grandparents farm. After some of the bales had been picked up Manny asked Melinda to check the tool box in the truck for some gloves. Upon opening the took box, Melinda found a bouquet of flowers inside. Confused, she asked everyone why her dad had flowers in the tool box. Manny took her hand and led her to the tailgate of the truck where he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. We are so excited to share their adorable engagement session! Congrats Manny and Melinda!

— Maura, Maura Jane Photography

Photos by Maura Jane Photography

Congratulations, Manny and Melinda! We can’t wait to see your wedding!

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