Lucky In Love Couple: Courtney Pham & Matthew Pham

Lucky In Love


Courtney & Matthew Photo Credit: Sarah Thomas
Courtney & Matthew
Photo Credit: Sarah Thomas
Courtney Pham & Matthew Pham
“Our journey has been a short one, but our love is stronger than most. We are already married on paper, but wish to have a blessed marriage when my husband returns from deployment. I am very lucky to have this man in my life. He is in the Army and is preparing to be deployed to Afghanistan for a second tour this January 2014. Every day he sacrifices everything to protect those he loves most; his family and his country. It is difficult to be away from each other almost daily, but we are both strong and know he is doing something bigger than just him and I. Even with him busy in the military he still finds a way to ensure that I am taken care of and loved, even if it is only through texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, and those small gifts he sends home every now and again. He is truly an amazing person and we are very lucky to have found each other.” -Courtney Pham
Thank you for your inspiring story, Courtney! Best wishes to you and Matthew!
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