Young Brides, Old Treasures: Macedonian Embroidered Dress


Old Macedonian Dress m095miyaksmilevo


In the Cotsen Gallery, Neutrogena Wing 

October 1, 2011 through January 6, 2013

Ever since doing some research for my blog post about bridal attire from around the world ,I have  been very interested in garments worn for wedding ceremonies around the world. It came to my attention that the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe New Mexico is currently exhibiting Macedonian woven dresses that were worn from puberty through betrothal, marriage, child bearing, and old age. According to the museums website; until the mid-twentieth century, Macedonian women wove, embroidered, and wore magnificent ensembles of dress that indicated to a knowing eye what village and region they came from and where they were in the cycle of life. The dresses would then changed to reflect status change. The collection that the Museum has dates primarily from 1890 to 1920 with some later pieces from the 1950s. The exhibit features 27 mannequins in multi-layered ensembles as well as individual garments and pieces of jewelry belonging to Museum of International Folk Art; today it is the largest and most comprehensive museum collection of its kind in the United States. The exhibition closes January 6, 2013.

We are lucky to have  a piece of history so close to us! For more information on the exhibit visit

 Location/Directions On Museum Hill, 706 Camino Lejo, off the Old Santa Fe Trail, abundant free parking!

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