5 important orders of business to jump on once you are engaged!


So the love of your life FINALLY popped the question and you have adequately gushed and celebrated on your social media networks- snapped a shot of the ring on instagram, tweeted, updated and hash tagged your little heart out. Now its time to get down to business! Here are five  items to add to your to do list that are very  important to jump on right away.

  Set a budget.

Set at least a tentative budget right away! This will give you a jumping off point when it comes negotiations while booking or buying items for your wedding.

  Choose your wedding party.

This is the part that can be hard for people as it is never easy to pick and choose  or let people down. Bite the bullet choose your maid or matron of honor and your bridesmaids and have your groom do the same.

   Approximate your guest count.

Have a meeting with your groom and figure out about how many people you will want in attendance- this will come in handy while booking a venue and speaking with caterers.

    Find a venue

Once you find the venue of your dreams everything else will fall into place. Finding a venue can be hard as some will not allow outside catering ,will have limits as to how many guests can be there, time restrictions, and the list goes on. If you have a budget, guest count, and ideal location you should be able to make an educated decision.

   Save the Dates

Get some save the dates together and out to your guest list ASAP- this will make all the difference for guests being able to make arrangements and be present on your big day!

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