Real Wedding: Brittany & Tofer – Married at Los Poblanos- Photographed by local photographer Joni Bilderback

real wedding

When you first begin your wedding planning it can be hard to envision the final product and that is why I think its nice and helpful to see all aspects of a wedding from start to finish.When I saw this series of  wedding photos, recently done by local photographer Joni Bilderback – I knew I had to share them . Hopefully these photos will not only incite excitement for your big day, but will also give you an idea of the details you may want captured.  You can tell that Brittany and Tofer genuinely enjoyed  their big day , and that’s how it should be!  Take a look at these awesome photos.





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        For more on everything wedding visit and for information on working with Joni Bilderback click here.

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