Amor Ceremonies {Repeat After Me}

Here at PWG we find ourselves behind the scenes a lot so we like to periodically check in with some of our favorite wedding professionals to see what they have been up to and ask them to share their wedding stories with us.  (We want to be a part of the wedding day magic too!)

Recently we asked Kelly Atkin with Amor Ceremonies to share a unique wedding experience with us and her response was heartwarming to say the least.

Perfect Wedding Guide: Can you share with us a unique wedding experience you’ve had?

Amor Ceremonies: “One of the things I like best about being an Officiant is the opportunity to create a special ceremony, just for the couple, even if it means being spontaneous and doing something I’ve never done.  But when the thought flashes before me and I know the moments right all I can do is present what feels good.  Which brings me to a wedding I performed this last weekend.  I didn’t have the opportunity to meet with the couple in advance, they didn’t feel it was necessary as it was going to be small, just their 7 year old son, and the grooms elderly parents.  Part way through the ceremony grandpa moved over to stand next to his grandson, who was crying, rubbing his shoulders… the couple noticed this and gathered up their son to give him a kiss and collect their rings as we were at that moment in the ceremony, but I could tell they wanted to move on with the ceremony, so I asked their son to come stand by me, which happened to be at the very moment when I was going to have them place the rings in each other fingers and “repeat after me”.  This is when I decided to ask their son to do the reading and they would repeat after him.  Wow, could that 7 year old read! It was such an incredible moment that brought tears to all our eyes.  Everyone felt the love!

Andre & Misty April 2, 2015 (2) (2)This was not only non-traditional & unique but what drives my passion for what I do, I just love seeing couples and families connect and engage in each others lives and if I can help facilitate that then I am completely happy!  Being an Officiant gives me the opportunity to let my LOVE SHINE THROUGH!”

Here is what the Long family had to say about Kelly’s services: “Fantastic! She was very flexible and accommodating. We are several states away and did everything via email and it was perfect. She was very patient and adaptable with our Autistic son! Would highly recommend her :)”

Thank you for sharing Kelly Atkin! This is such a precious story, I can only imagine how incredible that moment must have been. It is no wonder Amor Ceremonies has been voted Bride’s Choice for best Officiant. Wishing the Long’s family joy and life long happiness!

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