Show your bridal party some love! Check out these cute gift ideas.

bridal party gifts

At our recent networking luncheon & bridal board we had a group of brides give us insight into their wedding planning ventures. The subject of bridal party gifts came up and the brides said they wanted to purchase something personalized, useful, and also reminiscent of their wedding for their bridal party.

     “The present should be like a birthday gift – something they would really like and utilize.”

 In light of these responses, I  thought I would do a little research and uncover some great gift ideas!


The first gift I found was this completely adorable  New Mexican necklace. These necklaces come in the shapes of all 50 states and you can choose were the heart is punched out depending on what part of the state you are from . These necklaces are easily customizable, unique and your bridal party can wear them on a day to day basis!


Here is another super cute necklace idea.

It is also a piece of jewelry that can be worn on a day to day basis because it is not bridal specific but has a very sentimental meaning.


                                        I also love these gold plated braided bracelets! They are cute, stylish and personalized.


    These silk travel pouches would definitely be used for years to come.

     They are perfect for toting around jewelry , touch up makeup and valuable items.


              Who doesn’t like a nice tote bag! I love how you can personalize them for each position in the bridal party.


 Last but certainly not least is the bridesmaid survival kit. I think this is a genius idea! Not only can you personalize them by  adding the initial tags but you can also stuff them full of useful items that can be used on the day of the wedding. One cool thing about these survival kits is that they are super DIY friendly. Just find a cute box, purchase essential items like waterproof mascara, perfume and tissue-  and bam you have a super awesome personalized gift for the girls you love.


Thanks so much for reading my blog post today !

Do you have any cute, unique bridal party gift ideas? Leave us a comment below and let us know.. we love feedback!

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New Mexico Necklace

Anchor necklace

Silk travel pouches


Bridesmaid Survival Kit


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