Wedding planning: Unique Ideas for the Creative Bride and Groom


Wedding Planning
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Weddings are continually evolving thanks to trends going in and out of style. However, when it finally comes to your wedding planning, you may be wondering how to make your event stand out among the many nuptials your friends and family attend. Here are a few unique wedding ideas for the bride- and groom-to-be who like to think outside the box.

Wild, just-picked wedding flowers

Wedding bouquets and flowers can set the tone for an event. So why not mix it up a bit? Just-picked flowers that are a little unruly but beautiful in their chaos can be the perfect pick – and this may say a lot about the bride. These bright blooms are a great choice for a bouquet, especially for a wedding that is a bit more casual.

Have the food say something about you
It is easy to get caught up in the many decisions you have to make while wedding planning. But when it comes to the food, many brides and grooms are thrilled when they get to taste all of their options. Those who love the beach and seafood may want to opt for a raw bar as an appetizer. This goes perfectly with any event near the water and the display can look quite elegant.

“The raw bar can be a clean, elegant, cocktail-hour friendly presentation. Instead of piles of shrimp and oysters, we’ve created a ‘grab n’ go’ seafood presentation, featuring small plates of oysters on a bed of sea salt and individual shrimp cocktail shooters in clear glass votive holders,” Josh Tierney of Great Performances told Shape Magazine.

Opt for a dessert table over traditional cake
Some brides and grooms simply do not love cake, so why have one at your wedding? A new trend as of late is forgoing the three-tiered wedding cake and having a dessert table instead. If you and your betrothed love pie or ice cream, then include that in your reception rather than spending a great deal of money on a cake neither of you particularly like.

Smaller guest lists, intimate ceremonies
The traditional church wedding is not always the answer for some couples. In fact, those who are looking for a unique spin on their event can skip the big, elaborate ceremony and reception and opt for a casual, more intimate setting with close family and friends. Not only will this save you some money, but the wedding itself will be more relaxing and reduce the stress level.

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