Wedding/Engagement Photo Pick of the Week- Kevin’s Photography

Hello again everyone. Check out this engagement photo done by Kevin’s Photography in Albuquerque!

Photo Credit { Kevin’s Photography}

I thought this was great example of a successful engagement photo for a couple of reasons. First of all the location is so fun! The fact that this couple is just hanging out in a bight red airplane makes it very memorable. Years down the road this photo is going to scream nostalgia! Also, I think this photo is awesome because it would translate beautifully onto different mediums, like wood or canvas. Traditional frames are nice but don’t be afraid to do something a little different. I love that the bride to be is also really playing up the part by wearing aviator sunglasses . Like I always say, props are key to awesome photos! The photograph is crisp, it has great resolution and composition. All of these qualities combined make a photo that will be a definite keepsake for this couple. Definitely get in touch with Kevin or his staff if you are looking for  a unique engagement shoot!

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