How brides today feel about shoes

It seems as though there are a host of different things brides care about nowadays that they didn’t previously. The focus has shifted from traditional wedding cakes and the bouquet toss to dessert tables and more elaborate place cards. One focus that has certainly shifted is bridal shoes.

The Carrie Bradshaw effect
Many gals over the years have, at one time or another, (some much more often than that) tuned into “Sex and the City.” This New York City show was complete with love and friendship – and there were also movies as well. Over the years, many have related to Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw – so much so, she may have impacted the wedding industry just a bit.

In the first movie, many remember the iconic proposal scene at the end, when Mr. Big gets down on one knee and proposes. However, instead of a ring, he puts the cobalt blue Manolo Blahnik shoe on her foot. This scene has made many ladies who are wedding planning consider a bright, bold shoe – and this quickly became a trend.

Zebra to cowboy boots: Various shoe trends
Not only are brides-to-be opting for bold colors on their feet, but sparkles and bold prints aren’t out of the question either. Brides have really taken this step a little further, as many see it as a way to liven up their cream or ivory colored gowns with a splash of hot pink, zebra print or glitter on their shoes. Also, many brides are matching the hue of their bridesmaids dresses for their shoes.

Many shoe designers such as Christian Louboutin and Kate Spade have incorporated different bridal shoe colors, and the trend continues to stay strong.

When going the traditional route, keep it simple
Those who are going for the cream or ivory shoe that matches perfectly with their gown may want to keep a few things in mind. First of all, no matter what shoe a bride chooses, it is important for them to be comfortable. It may be advisable to get the shoe at the same time as the dress because many bridal shops will have a few different style shoes that are the perfect color for the bride to try with her gown.

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