Expected bridesmaids trends of early 2013

When it comes to wedding planning, a number of brides tend to look at the recent trends to see what they want to include in their nuptials, and what they do not. The 2012 Bridal Fashion Week in New York City offers a great deal of insight on what will be in for the bridesmaids when the new year begins.

“2013 bridal parties can look forward to plenty of fun, new color combinations and silhouettes,” said Ilana Stern, CEO of Weddington Way, an online resource for bridal parties. “These fashion-forward looks will definitely appeal to brides who want their wedding parties to stand out and make a statement.”

Color – the bolder, the better
One thing brides and their bridesmaids can expect for the upcoming year is that there will be plenty of color. The hot hues of the season will go from jewel tones such as emerald green and deep navy blue to corals and mint. Also, some bridal parties can expect their bride to choose classic “LBDs.” “Little black dresses” are being used more often so they can be used again at another event.

Exposed backs to the high-low hem
Not only will the color be different, but there are some structural changes as well. The frequently popular looks of a halter and racerback are still seen quite often. Also, exposed backs are seeing more popularity. The “high-low” hemline is making its way to bridal fashion as well, and many bridesmaids are rocking the high hem in the front and longer hem in the back.





Lace, tulle and netting
Fabrics for the bridesmaids’ dresses are also expected to be a little different. Designers have been playing up a number of fabrics such as lace, tulle and netting and making them work together. However, bridesmaids can still expect chiffon as a popular choice for the fabric of the gowns among brides.







Here comes the bride
Besides the bridesmaids’ looks, brides got to see a great deal of what will be hot when they walk down the aisle. Those who attended Fashion Week couldn’t help but notice the sparkle. Brides will be making a statement with a little pizzazz on their gowns such as shimmery fabrics to sequins and gold detailing.


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