Asking the tough questions while wedding planning

When a couple starts wedding planning, they quickly realize how many decisions they have to make – from what beautiful wedding dress the bride will choose to which flowers, food and venue they will select. According to The Huffington Post, a perfect wedding is the result of great vendors in many ways. In order for the bride- and groom-to-be to find the best cake bakers, photographers and florist, the couple may have to ask a few tough questions.

During the planning process, couples just want things to go smoothly and they want to be polite and respectful when it comes to the vendors’ work. However, it is not rude to ask them about their best – and their worst weddings.

When trying to find a photographer, ask to see all of the pictures from one or two weddings. This way you can get the gist of their overall talent, and not just the photos they selected in the end. Some of the vendors could also work together, like the florist and baker, especially if the couple wants a few fresh flowers on their cake.

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