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Hello Ladies + Gents, Happy Monday!

Are you ready to come out of winter hibernation and enjoy this beautiful weather to the fullest?  I know that I personally have a little work to do before bikini season and I feel like a lot of us are in the same boat as far as looking as good as we feel on the inside… especially so when you are planning a wedding. I think in this day and age, with how fast paced everything is, how busy we are and how little healthy options are made available to us in the rise of fast food nation, it can truly feel like an uphill battle. Well I feel you girl and you are NOT alone. One of the best things I have done was to subscribe to Daniel + Jolie’s email list and every Monday,  I swear they are reading my mind, because something beyond inspirational will come through- like the below gem in regards to carbs and what to consider. This last week I have been drastically cutting carbs from my diet as a last ditch effort to shed some pounds before my approaching beach vaca {which you may or may not be doing in preparation for your big day} but this email helped me put everything back into perspective.

While I think for me a low carb diet is what works well, after reading this short article,  I am going to work on taking a good look at the types of carbs I was eating,  introducing good carbs back into my diet and increasing my physical activity. Thank goodness for the RocBody Fitness Team!

Are carbs making you fat? By Daniel + Jolie Rocha of RocBody Fitness


While we all have different tolerances to carbohydrates, you must apply context to a diet when deciding if it’s going to help you lose fat or not. Things like:

. Total calorie intake throughout the day and week

. Quality of food you’re eating

. Training volume/frequency/intensity

. Composition of diet i.e. protein, fats, carbs and fiber

These are some of the key points to consider when looking at your diet in relation to losing fat.

The reality is carbs in isolation cannot be blamed for you gaining body fat or failing to lose fat. They are one of several variables which all contribute towards your progress. If you’re over eating carbs then yes, you’ll gain fat and develop a level of insulin resistance over time. However, that’s a combination of things rather than carbs alone. If you use carbohydrates correctly you should accelerate your fat loss and preserve your long term ability to burn fat.

How do carbs aid in fat loss?

With a structured diet, carbohydrates will help keep your metabolism firing and help avoid you hitting plateaus which ultimately lead to stubborn fat loss. This is because carbohydrates influence your thyroid activity, which governs your metabolic rate. Therefore by removing them, your metabolism is more likely to slow down much quicker, which is not good for fat loss!!

Carbohydrates also help protect your lean muscle tissue which again has a direct correlation to your metabolic rate. The more muscle you can protect whilst in a calorie deficit (which you need to be in to lose fat) the higher your metabolic rate will be.

This is why it’s crucial that you acknowledge nutrition needs context and you cannot blame one thing. Carbs are often unfairly blamed for people’s weight gain, as where in reality they are often not to blame.

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Sincerely, Daniel and Jolie Rocha
RocBodyFitness, LLC

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