Extreme Wedding Proposals

Some grooms go all out when they pop the big question. This morning while getting ready for work, I was watching Good Morning America and one there featured stories was Extreme Wedding Proposals. It was a competition that people were able to submit their ideas and the winner had their proposal aired on this popular morning show. The winner was a man who wanted to propose to his girlfriend of 4 years while skydiving!

Kyle Monroe took his girlfriend skydiving and while they were racing downward through the sky, Liz saw a huge sign laying on her landing location, “Will You Marry Me. ” Imagine her shock, having your stomach already turned from jumping out of a plane and then seeing those words that every girl dream of! What a great way to propose. Liz accepted his proposal and was greeted by cheering family and friends. Do you have an idea or have you heard of an extreme proposal, leave a comment.


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