A Costco Bride

Weddings aren’t cheap, we all know that. According to The Wedding Report the average wedding in 2010 cost $24,066 (USA). That is a big chunk of change! In this economy shoppers have become more conscious of deals and bargains. On way to wed on a budget is buying discounted wedding dress at… Costco. Yes I said Costco. The big box store is now offering wedding dresses at a minimum of 40% of what it would normally sell for at retail. The wedding dresses are designed by Kristie Kelly which features six distinct styles with classic silhouettes, soft embellishments and gorgeous fabrics consistent with the designer’s commitment to create couture-inspired gowns that remain understated yet feminine. The gowns flatter all body types with romantic, quiet detailing and a perfect fit that ensure the bride shines through. To find out more and see when the gowns will be at your local Costco click here.

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