Outdoor Wedding Tips

Many couples dream of getting married in a church, synagogue or mosque, but plenty of others are interested in a slightly more natural wedding venue: the outdoors. Whether you’re looking at a beach, a park or a landmark, choosing to have your special day under the sun can be exciting, but it’s also nerve-wracking to be at Mother Nature’s mercy. However, there are plenty of tips to help you pull the whole thing off without a hitch.

For one thing, the experts say, don’t try to override nature’s beauty with super-elaborate decorations.

“Brides tend to forget that the outdoor scenery – whether you are on the water or standing in a lush, garden – is stunning enough for guests. Rather than competing with your natural surroundings, brides and their coordinators should merely enhance it by adding simple touches, like smaller, personalized centerpieces for the reception and minimal décor at the ceremony,” said Patrick Rafferty, social specialist at Hornblower Cruises and Events in Marina del Rey, California.

It is also important to plan for possible inclement weather. Since rain can roll in at any minute, brides who plan to wed outdoors should have a back-up plan ready in case it begins to drizzle. This can be simple – many outdoor wedding venues offer tents that can actually be quite well-decorated and blend in well with the motif of any wedding. For the best shot at a beautiful day, brides should try to plan their nuptials in temperate climates that are known for year-round sunshine.

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