The job of a wedding planner

When two people get engaged, their heads are bound to be spinning with all of the decisions they have to make. Everything from which beautiful wedding dress the bride will wear to which venue will the pair say “I do” in. Planning a wedding can be easier with a professional on their side. If a couple is looking for a destination wedding planner or one to help them in their hometown, they shouldn’t underestimate how much they truly do.

According to The New York Times, Bryan Rafanelli loves his job as a wedding planner, however it does not lack stressful situations, as this man can make or break someone’s nuptials and he travels from city to city in a moment’s notice. However, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I like to say I get married 10 times a year, and I really have the good fortune to run into a lot of former wedding clients, or their families or friends,” Rafanelli told the news source.

Those who would like a destination wedding may want to hire someone who has experience at that location. For example, Tara Fontana is a destination wedding planner, and where she plans nuptials may be a dream locations for many – Tuscany, Italy.

Fortunately we have many wedding planners in Albuquerque and Santa Fe that can make your wedding planning a breeze. Click here for a list of useful resources.

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