If you’re here, I think we can likely assume you know all too well that planning a wedding can be a spicy blend of exciting, daunting, and meticulous. There are so many varying elements to keep in mind, from budgeting to hiring all of your favorite wedding professionals to bring your dreams into reality.

Perhaps you are amidst planning a wedding and are thinking… “I have so many creative visions and ideas but don’t know how to put them onto paper…”

Do we have a solution for you!! And while it might not be paper, we’d like to think it’s something a bit more efficient.

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Enter: Pinterest, a digital haven for brides and grooms and couples-to-be seeking inspiration and some serious organization. Pinterest truly has an endless array of ideas, articles, and visual aids to help transform your wedding planning experience, making it not only manageable but also super enjoyable.

And what’s better, you can share this digital landscape with your hired wedding dream team to help make it all come to LIFE! And don’t worry; if you don’t know where to start, this article will be a guide just for you. And, to get a jump start on your inspiration, check out Wedding Collective’s very own (carefully curated) wedding Pinterest page!

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Start a Vision Board

Your Pinterest wedding planning journey gets to be fun, so create a vision board! This board will serve as your central hub of inspiration, encapsulating the overall theme and aesthetic of your wedding. Here’s how to get started:

  • Set Up Your Board: Create a dedicated board titled “Wedding Vision” or something similar.
  • Gather Inspiration: Pin everything that catches your eye, from color schemes and decor to dress styles and floral arrangements. Don’t worry about being too specific at this stage; the goal is to capture your overall vision so you can share it with your hired wedding professionals.
  • Refine Your Style: This is where you hired wedding professionals come in. They will help you to see different patterns that are emerging, such as rustic themes, vintage elegance, or modern minimalism. Use this to narrow down your vision.
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Break Down the Details

Once your vision board is brimming with ideas (and trust us, it won’t take long to get there), it’s time to get organized. Create separate boards for each aspect of your wedding. Here are some important categories to consider:

  • Venue: Gather ideas for location for both your ceremony and reception. Once you get your inspiration, you can start looking at what indoor or outdoor wedding venue options are available where you want to get married.
  • Dress and Attire: Pin wedding dress styles, bridesmaid dresses, groom and groomsmen attire, and accessories that you like. This might inspire what color schemes and overall theme you are looking to go for .
  • Decorations: Collect ideas for centerpieces, table settings, ceremony backdrops, and lighting. This will also help you to distill what you want your wedding theme to feel like.
  • Floral Arrangements: Who doesn’t love wedding flowers?! With so many lovely options, it can be hard to decide. Pin bouquets and reception flowers that catch your eye.
  • Food and Drink: What kind of catering do you want? A charcuterie board for your guests to mingle over? Or a local farm-to-table wedding caterer? Explore all the catering options, from signature cocktails, cake designs, and dessert tables.
  • Music and Entertainment: Maybe you want a traditional band to play for your wedding, or maybe you want a DJ. Maybe you even want both! Pin your ideas, playlists, and fun activities like photo booths.
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Collaborate with Your Wedding Dream Team

This step is absolutely essential! Sharing your Pinterest boards with your hired wedding professionals can streamlining communication and ensure everyone is on the same page. Here’s how to make the most of this collaboration:

  • Invite Collaborators: This is why we love the digital over paper for gathering wedding inspiration! You can add your wedding planner, florist, caterer, and other vendors to your boards so they can see your vision through your eyes.
  • Comment and Discuss: Use the comment feature to ask questions, share your thoughts, an get feedback directly on specific pins.
  • Stay Updated: Keep your boards current by removing pins that no longer fit your vision and adding new ideas as your plans evolve.
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As your wedding day approaches, you will be so happy that you’ve created mockups and mood board for your wedding, helping you to visualize how everything will come together. Truthfully, Pinterest is a powerful tool that can turn wedding planning from a stressful task into a delightful journey. So, dive into it, lovers! Pin to your heart’s content, and watch your perfect day come to life with each and every click.

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