Your wedding is a moment from your life that stands above the rest. But what if it could be more than just a moment? What if it could be a masterpiece, a symphony of sights, sounds, and emotions, etching memories that will last a lifetime?
Youre someone who doesn’t settle for the ordinary, the expected. Your special day deserves to be unforgettable, filled with the kind of experiences that make your heart sing. Every facet of your wedding, from the grandest of events to the tiniest, most intimate of moments can be elevated to perfection through the artistry of wedding professionals, artisans, and local businesses.
With their expertise and a dash of magic, your day becomes more than a celebration; it’s a transformation. It’s the moment ordinary becomes extraordinary, traditional becomes personalized, and love, well, love becomes a shared memory for all of your friends and family to experience.
This isn’t an article about weddings, but a testament to the artistry behind an elevated wedding; every embroidered veil, each custom invitation, and the perfectly curated florals. It’s a celebration of local businesses, where craftsmanship is poured into the molds of personalized rings and custom gifts. It’s about the little moments, the grand celebrations, and every detail in between.
Turn the pages to embark on an odyssey where every aspect of your nuptials can be elevated beyond the ordinary. You have dreamed, planned, and imagined. Now it’s time to let the artisans and visionaries bring your ideas to life.
Brace yourself to be captivated. To be inspired. To elevate your day!

1. Ashleigh Olguin Ceremonies

Ashleigh Olguin Ceremonies is an officiant serving the state of New Mexico. She  loves love and works with couples to create a romantic and fun ceremony that celebrates their unique love story. Transforming love stories into unforgettable ceremonies is certainly no small feat, and requires the ability to listen, empathize, and appreciate how unique each love story truly is. And let us tell you; Ashleigh Olguin has mastered this art!
Ashleigh Olguin emphasizes the importance of building genuine connection with her couples by delving into the unique aspects of their story. She says, “an officiant should foster comfort and trust to allow couples to share intimate details and special stories about their love story.”
To personalize the ceremony, Ashleigh focuses on the couple’s shared experiences, interests, and meaningful aspects of their lives. She also make a point to consistently work with couples to incorporate cultural traditions, showcasing the couple’s story in a profound way.
Ashleigh recognizes that every couple will have  different preferences for the tone and style of their ceremony. She offers a range of options, from intimate and simple ceremonies to more elaborate ones with cultural and personalized elements. She stresses the importance of aligning the ceremony with the couple’s vision, ensuring the experience is meaningful and enjoyable for the couple and their guests.

2. Bosque Flower Studio

Bosque Flower Studio, is a locally owned floral and event design studio serving clients in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and surrounding areas. Bosque Flower Studio specializes in creating unique, personalized floral design and décor like no other while cultivating a one of a kind experience for you and your special event!
So, we asked them: how does Bosque Flower Studie use florals to elevate your wedding day?! Their response was enlightening, to say the least.
1. The key component: color palette and theme
The color palette and theme of your wedding is what makes the celebration unique and beautiful. This is the opportunity to elevate your wedding and make it shine! Don’t be afraid to showcase these throughout your event: be bold and create an occasion one-of-a-kind to your love story.
2. Incorporate meaningful accents into your day
Whether it is honoring a late relative or expressing a shared interest, Bosque Flower Studio incorporates meaningful accents in creative ways within the floral pieces of your wedding ceremony and reception, These elements can be accented through décor pieces, wedding favors, or the bouquet to add a meaningful touch to your event.
3. Be true to who you are as a couple!
With planning your wedding, there can be lots of input from many sources, but remember this is an occasion to celebrate you and your love! Amanda enjoys learning about each couple, their ideas, and piecing together these details and thoughts to help create a wedding vision that is uniquely theirs, and can be completely themselves!

3. The Bougie Brie

The Bougie Brie is a female-owned local business providing the very best in charcuterie for your event (I mean, can’t you tell just by the photo?!). From weddings to any type of party, Kammy and Colleen can create an incredible spread with the best New Mexico has to offer. It’s your day; be bougie!
Wondering how The Bougie Brie can elevate your wedding day beyond your wildest dreams?! Keep reading!
1. A personalized culinary experience
A curated charcuterie spread that showcases your favorite flavors, textures, and culinary traditions is what you have in store when you hire The Bougie Brie. Each element is carefully selected to delight the palate and reflect your unique taste. But it’s not just about the food – presentation is key. The visual appeal of the charcuterie spread is a work of art that doubles as a stunning centerpiece at your reception.
2. The Bougie Brie features local and seasonal ingredients
One of the hallmarks of a truly memorable culinary experience is the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Incorporating local and seasonal offerings into your charcuterie spread not only adds depth of flavor but also supports local farmers and artisans. Guests will appreciate the opportunity to savor the flavors of the region on your special day.
3. An interactive dining experience
One of the greatest benefits of serving charcuterie at your wedding is its interactive nature. Unlike traditional plated dinners, a charcuterie board encourages guests to mingle, sample, and savor a variety of flavors and textures. Setting up a grazing table allows guests to customize their dining experience, selecting their favorite meats, cheeses, and accompaniments.

4. Crystal Cousin Photo

Crystal Cousin Photo is your ultimate adventure elopement companion! Based in New Mexico with a love for travel, Crystal is ready to document your unique love story in the most epic locations. Whether youre scaling mountains, exploring deserts, or simply enjoying a quiet moment together, Crystal is there to capture every breathtaking moment of your journey.
You might be thinking: what are Crystal’s top tips to help couples plan an elevated elopement?
Crystal says, “include something that you and your partner love to do. You don’t have to stick to the “norm” by any means; this could be something as simple as soaking in a hot tub together the morning of your elopement, a more adventurous activity like horseback riding or even just stopping by a local brewery to grab a drink.”
She also encourages couples to invite someone special to officiate your wedding (ummmm, Ashleigh Olguin Ceremonies, anyone?!). Your officiant is a pivotal aspect of your day. Include the people you love by having a family member or friend officiate your ceremony. They are going to be in photos and sign your marriage license; why not have someone you know be the one who does this!
Crystal Cousin Photo also recommends to be present with who you want to be there. Invite whoever YOU want. Your elopement or wedding could be just the two of you, or you could bring along a handful of your favorite people. Whatever makes the most sense for the two of you. If you are inviting guests, you could also consider reading vows privately before your ceremony to have a more intimate moment before standing with everyone.

5. Desert Flower Bridal Boutique

Desert Flower Bridal Boutique is an Albuquerque-based haven for pre-owned wedding gowns. Founded with a heartfelt mission, our boutique is where the magic of cherished wedding dresses continues on its journey! Beyond a shop, we curate an intimate experience, connecting past brides with future ones.
According to the experts at Desert Flower Bridal Boutique, the best ways to elevate bridal attire is to standout in a bridal jumpsuit or pant suit. A modern approach to bridal attire is to opt for a nontraditional jumpsuit or pant suit. These can be tailored to fit perfectly, be simple or elaborate with lace. You can add flair with a jeweled or sequin belt for some sparkle or style it with turquoise jewelry to interlace a modern look with New Mexican culture.
They also recommend to give new life to a vintage dress or vintage accessories! For a truly sustainable and unique look, a vintage wedding dress is the perfect option. Elicit nostalgia by choosing a one-of-a-kind vintage dress or customize your dress by taking vintage pieces, such as lace from your grandmothers veil, and having a local seamstress customize your bridal attire. Create  a new tradition while celebrating your heritage and family history.
Desert Flower Bridal Boutique encourages couples to remember to be radical with colors and  embroidered elements. A dramatic way to elevate your bridal attire and to show your individual style is to wear a dress in an unconventional color. Color can be added to a traditional white dress with a splash of colorful details. Love color, but don’t want to commit to the whole dress? Try adding a veil with colorful embroidered elements!
We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog on elevating your day; stay tuned for part 2!

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