The sun is slowly warming up our lovely desert state, despite this week’s sudden chill. It seems that even in New Mexico, springtime is a fickle friend. But don’t you worry; it’ll be warm and sunny before you know it!

Now, if you didn’t already have the pleasure of knowing, February 18 marked a series of magical moments impossible to forget here at Wedding Collective. And while every Diamond Dash event we throw is totally unique and unforgettable in its own right, this one was truly something special.

Take a moment to picture this: a dazzling affair, where love and luxury collide in a symphony of celebration. The room is filled with wedding professionals from across the state, with delicious food, dashing for diamond jewelry, folks tearing up the dance floor, and SO much more.

Photo: Stephany Taylor Photography

From the sparkle of diamonds to the savory delights, every aspect was meticulously curated to ignite passion and excitement. It’s no secret that these elements hold a special place in our hearts, but what truly sets this event apart is the fervor it ignites within engaged couples and the artisans who craft their dreams into reality.

This February’s Diamond Dash was captured by New Mexico’s very own Stephany Taylor Photography. Stephany did an absolutely PHENOMENAL job at capturing the raw essence of the experience — just wait, you’ll see what we mean.

Photos: Stephany Taylor Photography

As the sun began its ascent on that chilly Sunday morning, the grand halls of the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Albuquerque stirred with anticipation. A bustling throng of soon-to-be-newlyweds, their hearts aflutter with dreams of matrimonial bliss, converged upon this elegant venue.

What awaited them was a wonderland of matrimonial marvels: a cornucopia of florals, festivities, fashion, friends, and feasts meticulously curated by the finest local wedding artisans. Within lay a treasure trove of freebies and swag emblematic of the boundless generosity and creativity of the vendors present. And for five of our lucky guests, a special reward awaited — a cake full of PRIZES.

Photo: Stephany Taylor Photography

YES, you heard that right. At the end of the show, five lucky brides won prizes from our beloved sponsors of our Diamond Dash event, which included 14K white gold sapphire and diamond earrings in a halo design by Harris Jewelers, $500 off of wedding services by King Mobile Music, one free veil (OMG) by ABQ Bridal Boutique, a free engagement session with Stephany Taylor Photography (insert happy tears here), and FINALLY, a $100 restaurant gift card by Lace & Bow Bridal Events.

But listen — these weren’t the only lovely sponsors we had the pleasure of celebrating with:

The Beauty Nook Studio, The Cake Boutique, New Mexico’s Wedding Professionals, Charlotte’s Flowers, Embassy Suites Hotel, For the Love of It – Wedding Films, Summit Event Rentals, and Masterpiece Cuisine were each absolutely fundamental in making our Diamond Dash event absolutely unforgettable.

Photos: Stephany Taylor Photography

Forget the cliche of wedding planning being a stress-inducing ordeal. What if it were transformed into a jubilant celebration, brimming with laughter, dance-offs, delectable culinary delights, and cherished moments with your nearest and dearest?

In the eyes of both the enthusiastic engaged couples and the dedicated wedding vendors who bring the Diamond Dash to life, this experience is truly one not to miss out on. But if you did, there is still hope! Wedding Collective is happy to organize these fantastic events every year. If you’re an engaged couple interested in other upcoming weddings shows in New Mexico, check them out right over here.

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