The weather is gradually getting colder, and the seasons first snow falls are ushering us into winter with ease and the beauty of snow covered mountain tops. We hope you are gathering around warm fires with loved one as frequently as you gather around the digital hearth of Wedding Collective’s lovers blog!

But truly — as the seasons shift, we find ourselves drawn to the allure of staying in, wrapped in the enchanting stories of weddings and imaginative journeys of our beloved local Colorado wedding community. Whether a real fire or the fire of love we proudly serve here, its time to embrace your favorite blanket, perhaps a cup of hot cocoa, stoke the virtual flames, and savor the magic of this week’s Colorado wedding professional spotlight!

Founded with a mission to redefine wedding and resort-wear fashion, Corner of Sunshine blends contemporary style with an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

Photo: Ally Sturges Photography

Each design Corner of Sunshine creates is meticulously crafted to capture natural beauty and amplify each individual’s personality and uniqueness. Their designs capture the essence of modern style, while drawing on inspiration from the physical environment. They are absolutely pros at infusing uniqueness into bridal and resort-wear collections that resonate with both eco-conscious and free spirited couples.

Corner of Sunshine takes sustainability seriously. Their commitment to eco-friendliness extends to the materials used in their designs. They source ethically and sustainably produced fabrics, ensuring that every garment is a testament to their values. They ensure that waste is cut down by 98% when they cut fabric. Plus, ALL of their pieces are made-to-order in house, so that is no unused waste!

Photo: Nikolaus Opel Photography

Corner of Sunshine has a variety of collections that embody truly remarkable fashion, from old-school Hollywood to chic and totally one of a kind.  And honestly, what we absolutely adore about Corner of Sunshine is that they take their time with each and every single piece. No bead or stitch is every out of place, and is carefully created to match the energy of each individual. Talk about a talent!

We wouldn’t be doing Corner of Sunshine justice if we didn’t mention how seamlessly they blend elegance and comfort. Their designs are a testament tat wedding attire should not only look beautiful but also feel INCREDIBLE. Bridal parties and beyond can embrace the joy of their special day without compromising on comfort, even during adventurous outdoor ceremonies or remote elopements.

Photo: Brook Austin Photo

As Colorado’s own Corner of Sunshine continues to be a beacon of light, they remind us that love and style can coalesce to create breathtaking moments and unforgettable memories.

Photo: Golden Wonder Photography

“Deb did a fantastic job creating a beautifully custom gown for my event. She listened to all of my requests and took time to make sure all my expectations were met. Very professional and a pleasure to work with. I recommend Deb if you are looking for something special and unique.” – Jennifer C.

“Deb takes great pride in her work. She wants to make sure the outfit is perfect and looks great on the customer. She has a real talent for creating a new look for all occasions.” – Irene Z.

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