High-Desert Happiness: Real Wedding in Santa Fe | New Mexico

We hope you’re reading this from a cozy spot, tucked safely away from this blustery autumn wind! If the long, sunny afternoons of our New Mexican October led to any doubts about the season changing, they’ve since been hushed. 

With the widespread wind advisory sweeping through our desert state, it seems only right to settle in for a day indoors — one filled with warm drinks, soft sweaters, and love stories. Sure, that’s our ideal schedule for every day, but still!

There’s no better storyteller to turn to for a romantic tale that will add a little kindling to the fire in your heart than Crystal, of Crystal Cousin Photo. Scroll on, fellow lover of love and wedding-related inspiration, to bask in the uplifting story of Cheryl and Jamshed’s special day. 


It was a dream working with Crystal for our wedding photos. She communicated well, and walked us through a personalized schedule to capture all the moments we desired. Her and her husband were kind and thorough, ensuring our day went smoothly, never missing a moment.

The final photos were delivered promptly and were simply breathtaking! Her style is extraordinary and dreamy, I recommend looking up her Instagram.

Crystal and her husband are a phenomenal team and I could not have been more satisfied with their talent, professionalism, and personality.

-Emma H., Local Newlywed

As one of Albuquerque’s favorite elopement and wedding photographers, Crystal brings a certain warmth and tranquility to her photographic vignettes that communicate the incommunicable — true, unfettered love. 

We’ve swooned over the bustling celebrations and secret soirees cemented in time by Crystal’s lens more than once here, so you should be familiar with her signature hues and unparalleled framing. Yet each love story she captures has its own unique details and delights, making it truly one-of-a-kind. 

Cheryl and Jamshed’s wedding day is, as you’d imagine, no exception to this rule. 

Amazing Photographer

It was such a great experience to work with Crystal for our engagement and wedding photos .She has an amazing and unique eye for photography, and is so fun to be around! I have recommended her to all my friends and family.

-Linda A., Local Newlywed

Nestled in the gentle slopes of Santa Fe’s high-desert landscape, Cheryl and Jamshed began the first day of this new chapter surrounded by sweet friends, sweeping views, and chollas swaying in the breeze.

Cheryl came to meet her soon-to-be husband adorned in a champagne wedding gown and a blooming flower crown. Together, they shared a private first look with Jamshed equally aglow in his finely tailored and embroidered suit. 

Then, of course, it was time to sneak away for the ceremony!

Under the vast New Mexican sky, Cheryl and Jamshed were united again, this time with their friends, family, and loved ones bearing witness to their life transition. The two adventurous, free-spirited lovebirds said their vows, sharing their devotion to each other with the world around them. 

Framed by a floral arrangement of rich auburns, shimmering coppers, and delicate creams, the couple then, with a little help from their wedding officiant, officially began their new life together. 

Best photographer in New Mexico!

Crystal is a top notch photographer and human. She is professional, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I have worked with her several times and I appreciate that she is always patient and offers constructive suggestions. I got lucky finding her!

-Annette M., Local Lovebird

Delectable eats, dazzling conversation, and dreamy merry-making concluded the evening, with each exquisite moment expertly photographed by Crystal. 

As the sun sank under the horizon, Cheryl and Jamshed, alongside their favorite people in the world, soaked in the sheet of golden light that preceded a warm, desert night. Their first of many gorgeous, joy-filled desert nights as a happily married couple, hope!

Photography: Crystal Cousin Photo
Venue: Stay Kit Fox
Catering: Dig and Serve
Bridal Gown: BHLDN
Suit: Craft and Design Shop
Florist: Renegade Floral

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