Happy Thursday, lovers of love! 

If you’re in the camp of folks who jumped for joy when New Mexico legalized recreational cannabis use this time last year, then a happy holiday to you as well. With this new legislation has come a flood of economic development — more dispensaries popped up almost overnight, and by September of last year, our state had made $10 million dollars from cannabis-related purchases. 

While many folks are still settling into the new norm, it seems like all of us have one major question in mind: What does this mean for weddings in New Mexico? 

Well, maybe not all of us…But if you’ve heard the buzz about a new kind of buzz for your upcoming nuptials — read on! 

We, your Wedding Collective team, chatted with our Colorado wedding experts and cannabis connoisseurs to get the scoop on weed weddings in the Southwest. From event insurance and state laws to budtenders and edible options, we’ve laid it all out below so you can plan your totally legal, cannabis-friendly wedding in New Mexico with ease. 

State Laws to Know

Before we dive into our first 5 steps for engaged couples planning a weed wedding in Albuquerque or surrounding cityscapes, there are a few state-wide regulations to keep in mind. 

1. Public consumption of cannabis is strictly prohibited throughout all of New Mexico, so if you don’t want a fine, keep it out of the streets. 

For wedding planners and lovebirds, this means you’ll have to cross out a few potential wedding venue options.

Places in which you cannot currently have a weed-themed wedding in New Mexico: 

  • Parks 
  • National forests or federal land
  • City buildings 
  • State-owned properties
  • Other public properties like libraries, schools, or playgrounds


2. Legal adults may have up to two ounces of cannabis in their possession at one time, as well as 16 grams of cannabis concentrate and 800mg of cannabis edibles. 

So, depending on how passionate your cannabis-enthusiast guests are, you might need to taper down your invite list to ensure there’s enough flower for all to participate in a celebratory toke. 

First 5 Steps for Planning a Weed Wedding in New Mexico  

1. Location, location, location. 

Venue locale is crucial, as illustrated by the list of no-go locations above, but it’s also important to consider where your wedding is in the state. While it’s legal for adults to purchase and use cannabis throughout New Mexico, not every county has a licensed cannabis retailer available. 

Before you commit to a wild, outdoor elopement or ghost town reception, check for a reputable retailer nearby! 

2. Vet your venue.

If you do decide to book a wedding venue that isn’t your family’s vacation home, or your aunt’s house with the gorgeous backyard, then communication is going to be the cornerstone of your planning process. 

Long before contracts come out or credit cards get put down, speak directly with your venue coordinator about your cannabis-centered wedding. There’s nothing worse than rolling up, just to find you have to roll right out again. 

Our prediction: Not many venues are specifically promoting their space as a licensed cannabis consumption area, but we anticipate a continued normalization to come. Just like mobile bars and signature cocktails have been on the rise for years, so too will weddings filled with cannabis experiences. 

3. Refine your guest list.

Another important law to keep in mind, wherever your weed wedding does take place, is in regards to minors — or young adults and children under the age of 21. 

Distribution of cannabis paraphernalia to a minor is considered a felony, which translates to hefty fines at best and jail time most likely. So if you invite kiddos to your wedding and they get their hands on an edible gummy, you could have a bad time on your hands. 

This goes for pets as well — keep any children, animals, or people who aren’t able to give conscious consent away from all cannabis products. 

Another pro-tip: Let your guests know about your cannabis inclusions long before they commit to attending! You don’t have to have a weed-leaf-shaped wedding invitation if that’s not your vibe, but a polite notice that allows them to opt out is the least you can do. 

4. Get event insurance. 

This tip is number four, but really, it should be number one. Amelia, of Alegré Weddings and Events in Colorado, puts it at the top of her list: Get event insurance! 

Because nothing screams romantic honeymoon like an eminent lawsuit, right?

Wherever your wedding is, whoever you invite, just be sure to get event insurance. And, further, whichever insurance you end up choosing, be sure to follow all compliance details and stipulations. 

5. Dive into the details. 

Once you have your location legalities covered, the next step is to delve into the experiential details. Whether you want flower with your wedding florals, or edible treats and infused cocktails, will influence your plan of action. 

Choose-your-own-adventure follow-up steps: 

Are you having a smoke bar, complete with prerolls or a rolling station? If so, you’ll most likely need to supply the cannabis yourself. Then, hire a budtender to accommodate and educate your guests for the best and safest experience. 

Or would you rather have THC eats and drinks? If so, it’s probably wise to partner with a baker or food expert — one with cannabis-specific expertise. As fun as it may sound to attempt a DIY edible wedding cake, safe dosing can be difficult to ensure in your kitchen and edible disasters can strike. 

What it all boils down to is this: Whether you’re toking or taking bites, the first priority of your cannabis-themed wedding should be safety. 

Second priority? Fun. 

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