One of our favorite things to blog about here at Wedding Collective is our members and the sweet things that they create. When it comes to our wedding community, we can’t stop bragging about how wonderful they are. I mean, come on, you’ve seen their work on our socials and the website – it’s UNREAL!

Today we’re celebrating and welcoming this beautiful new member of our community – Lexi Rose Photography!

LGBTQ+ wedding photographer here! I love celebrating love, but as a queer photographer myself, I strive to give others in my community the safe space and love that they deserve to celebrate their big day freely and openly.

If you and your partner are all about non-traditional, and intimate weddings, then we may be the perfect match when it comes to documenting your most special day! I’m Lexa (or Lexi) and my goal in life is to make the wedding industry a more inclusive place for everyone, with an emphasis on the LGBTQ+ Community.

If you choose me to photograph your intimate wedding or elopement, I can guarantee I’ll be happy crying right alongside you! 
You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, or my website,

And I can’t wait to be a part of your love story.

?, Lexa.

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