Here at Wedding Collective, we talk a lot about wedding day details, like choosing the perfect venue and saying yes to the perfect dress, but what we don’t share very often is what happens beyond the ceremony. If we’re any sort of love experts, then we ought to be talking about everything that goes into having a happy + healthy marriage — that includes what happens within the comfort of the home between two people that are wildly in love!

If you’ve been following along with us for a while, then you know that our ultimate goal in life is to help our local couples create long-lasting connections with local wedding vendors, but we also strive to cultivate those same connections between partners. Though we’re suckers for intimate wedding details, we aren’t intimacy experts. Enter our newest member and participant in the 2020 Virtual Vendor Showcase, Coach Mary C of Sexually Mindful LLC!

Coach Mary C is a devoted mother of 4, wife, and military veteran, which has helped her to understand the importance of having meaningful and mindful relationships. This intimacy expert has years of experience behind her and can help you and your partner foster your connections with each other and yourselves — it’s all about self-care for the Wedding Collective gals. Who’s with me?!

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“Being engaged and being newlyweds is very fun and exciting in many different ways. However, this shiny new feeling can sometimes wear off and this can cause friction and stress. And I can help…

I am an intimacy, life, and mindfulness coach. I help with intimacy issues such as communication, frustration, hang-ups, and expectations. 

You can also throw an exciting bachelor/bachelorette (all types of couples welcome) party or start a fun wedding/honeymoon gift registry for the happy couple with me. I do recommend all couples practice mindfulness daily either together or separately. Mindfulness is beneficial in all of our daily ‘going ons’. By practicing mindfulness you will have it when you need it.

As you are getting to know each other on a more intimate level and as a newly married couple, I offer the following ‘Dos and Don’ts for after the honeymoon and when things get real:

DO show each other how much you love and appreciate them daily.

– This could be a surprise wake up massage. You could throw on some BK massage oils to get things heated up.

-This could be a love note left where they will see it.

-This could be running a bath for you both…a double bubble soak!

-This could be a special dinner you make just for them.

-This could be an all-day at-home spa day for you both.

DO communicate honestly.

DO have each other’s backs.

DO touch each other throughout the day or when you are together. This does not have to be and quite frankly should not be a sexual touch. Just a quick peck. A shoulder touch. Always graze the booty when at arm’s length (this goes both ways). Touch is so important and sometimes our busy stressful days cause us to lose sight of these very little and almost insignificant yet VERY significant gestures.

DO draw on that mindfulness especially when heated conversations turn into hurt, anger, etc…

Mindfulness helps in very chaotic situations and it can help you not to say something solely out of anger or hurt.

DO think before you act or speak. If what you are about to do or say will not add any value to the current situation but will cause a negative reaction, do not do or say it. Try to act and speak lovingly to one another even when you might be hurt, upset, or angry.

DON’T speak in absolutes i.e. “You always…”, “I never…”, “you never…”, “I always…”

DON’T play the blame game

DON’T take jabs at one another


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