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Now that you’ve set a date and your wedding plans are underway, you’re probably antsy to get your save-the-dates in the mail! But one thing remains, you still need to figure out the style you want for your wedding stationery so you can get your invitations off the press and in the hands of your guests.

Before you settle on any old invite, however, we want to let you in on the stationery trends of 2017 and save you from making the much dreaded mistake of outdated design — and whatever you do, don’t go rustic on us! These days, it’s best to think outside the box with textural, watercolor, geometric and informal stationery designs.


When it comes to texture, don’t be afraid to rock the natural designs of agate, geodes and marble on your invitations. This new craze is everything but traditional and sending an invite like this is sure to leave an impression!

Photo By: Emily Katharine Photography
Photo By: Emily Katharine Photography


Watercolors are the perfect choice if you want to set a softer tone with a modern edge. A watercolor style stationery is the perfect balance between modern and whimsical if you’re designing a wedding with nature in mind.

Photo By: Bright Room Studio
Photo By: Bright Room Studio


With the craze for all things modern, geometrical style invitations are the way to go! Geometrical designs demonstrate the innovation of the millennial generation and our modern age, without skimping on beauty.

Photo By: Dahlia Press
Photo By: Dahlia Press


These days, millennials are more interested in spending their money on experiences than material possessions and their wedding is no exception! Not only do they want to have fun, but they want their guests to have fun as well! Informal invitations like these, definitely set the tone for a wedding that is sure to entertain.

Via:, By: Geekink Design

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