Brittany + Jeremy {Picture Perfect Casas de Suenos Wedding}

Ok, so this next couple is not only ridiculously good looking, but I am convinced that they have this whole wedding planning thing completely down.  I knew from the moment that I skimmed the images that we had a couple, completely in love, that succeeded in pulling together a celebration that reflects their personal style and relationship effortlessly. Thanking the photography gods for blessing us with the ever-so talented and completely brilliant,  Kayla Kitts of Kayla Kitts Photography,  who worked her magic and captured this nuptial in stunning detail.  Quick grab a tissue and read what she had to say about this perfect day:

From the Photographer:
“Their day began as they spent time with their closest friends, and eagerly awaited 4 o’ clock, for the rest of their lives to start together.  The ceremony was beautiful, and just as sweet as the two of them, and their celebration continued into the night as friends and family danced the night away.  However, if you asked me what my favorite part of the day was, I’d tell you that it was the middle.  After the chaos had settled a bit, we started Bride & Groom portraits.  Brittany & Jeremy soaked in the moment, one of the first moments they’d been alone, together, all day.  In the distance I could hear the sound of laughter and drinks clinking, from the cocktail hour.  But right in front of me, Brittany & Jeremy were in their own world.  Ever so sweetly I heard Jeremy whisper to his stunning bride, “I love you so very much, so very, very much.”  And he smelled her hair, and they held each other close, and all was simply perfect.

Wishing you two the very best in each and every day, forever more.  And a huge thank you for inviting me into your special day.  I am so honored to capture your love, and so happy for all that is to come for the two of you! ” – Kayla

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kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-14 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-17 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-18 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-19 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-20 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-26 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-27 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-28 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-29 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-30 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-33 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-34 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-35 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-41 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-42 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-43 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-44 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-45 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-46 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-47 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-48 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-49 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-50 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-51 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-52 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-53 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-56 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-57 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-58 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-59 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-60 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-61kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-72 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-62 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-63 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-64 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-65 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-71 kaylakittsphotography-brittany&jeremy-favorites-76casa+de+suenos+albuquerque+wedding+outdoor+kayla+kitts+photography_0020More amazing wedding professionals that helped pull this celebration full circle:

Kayla’s wonderful second shooter – Britt with Falling Star Photography
Ceremony Venue – Casa De Suenos
Dress – Brides by Demetrios
Floral – Osuna Nursery
Hair – Style in the ABQ
Makeup – Angelique Martinez
Cake – Sidra Cordova

Thank you so much Kayla for sharing with us your amazingly gorgeous work. Wishing this very sweet couple all the love and happiness this life has to offer!

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