Shumakolowa Gifts, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

This Southwestern Gift Is a Meaningful Symbol of Love

Shumakolowa Gifts, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

File this under wedding gifts you haven’t thought of! Here in the Southwest we’re surrounded by nature’s gifts and get to experience the art of many cultures every day. The Pueblo Indian people have been making pottery by hand for hundreds of years, and one of their most meaningful and popular forms is the wedding vase. The vases were traditionally used in Pueblo wedding ceremonies, but today they’ve become a moving symbol of love and celebration of marriage. They are also a wedding gift favorite in New Mexico!

1_Marcella Yepa Wedding VaseMarcella Yepa (Jemez Pueblo),

In Pueblo wedding ceremonies, the groom’s parents provide the wedding vase, and on the day of the wedding, the vase is filled with holy water and given to the bride. She drinks from one side and the groom drinks from the other. It’s not so different from the exchanging of rings ceremony.

The two spouts represent the separate spirits of the bride and groom and the handle represents their union. We love the symbolism!

2_Michelle Shields Wedding VaseMichelle Shields (Acoma Pueblo),

We’ve learned there’s a wedding vase for every style. For the traditionalist, choose a vase in the traditional style of Santa Clara Pueblo, like this one handmade by legendary artist Mida Tafoya.

3_Mida Tafoya Wedding

For the nature lover, choose something whimsical and colorful like this contemporary vase made by Carolyn Concho of Acoma Pueblo.

4_Carolyn Concho Wedding

These inspiring, symbolic works of art make a beautiful and valuable gift that will absolutely stand out from the crowd!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and at Shumakolowa Gifts we’re offering a special gift to celebrate the season of love. With any jewelry purchase of $200 or more at Shumakolowa Gifts now through February 14th, 2015 you will receive a complimentary wedding vase handcrafted by one of the great Acoma Pueblo artists, Judy Lewis.

Here’s to love, art and gifts that truly last forever!

Shumakolowa Gifts is located inside the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (2401 12th Street, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104). 505-724-3506.

To view special gift features online, please visit: (please note: complimentary wedding vase with jewelry purchase available in-store only)

Author: Dyannah Byington of Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

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