5 Tips Tuesday- Wedding Basics


{Make your big day a vacation!}

If you are planning a summer wedding why not make it a little easier on friends and family by planning it on a holiday to help alleviate the stress of them having to get time off of work. For example this year Memorial Day lands on a Monday {May 27}. Or there is also Labor Day, which also falls on a Monday {September 2}. Just one extra travel day can really help make it possible and less stressful for your out of town guests to come share your special day with you and your guy.


{Don’t be afraid of consultation appointments.}

I cannot stress enough how much consultation appointments can help things run more smoothly, especially on one of the most important days of your life. Don’t be afraid to ask your hair stylist, nail technician and makeup artist for a pre- wedding consultation appointment so that you can figure the exact look you are going for in a stress free environment. You don’t want to be experimenting the day of. Instead, you want to walk in and simply replicate the looks you have decided on. Practice makes perfect. Be prepared!


{Take a deep breath and relax for your wedding photos.}

Take a mental note to relax while your wedding photographer is snapping shots of you and your guy. Don’t be worried about looking perfect in every photo- just do your thing. While you will definitely want you photographer to capture picture perfect formal shots be sure to have some where you and all of your loved ones are just enjoying each other – candid photos are the best.


{Don’t drink until the reception.}

You can definitely have a glass of champagne or a nice refreshing mimosa to help ease you wedding nerves but save the  party for your reception. You will thank me later when all of your photos are flawless:)


 {Have your maid of honor and bridesmaids carry around touch up makeup for you.}

That is their duty! Make sure they are stocked with your shade of lipstick or gloss, a little powder and blush. That way not matter what are you are doing on your special day you can sneak off and touch up- keeping you looking flawless and feeling confident.

Have some tips that you think I should cover on 5 Tip Tuesdays? Comment below- I would love to read your feedback!

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