Beyond New Mexico’s enchanting blend of culture, natural beauty, and scenic vistas lies a treasure trove of wedding professionals who possess a unique ability to turn wedding dreams into reality. From talented photographers and visionary planners to skilled florists and culinary maestros, New Mexico’s wedding industry is a vibrant tapestry of creativity and expertise. With a deep appreciation for tradition and a flair for innovation, these professionals stand ready to elevate every aspect of your special day, ensuring that your wedding in New Mexico is nothing short of extraordinary.

In the enchanting lands of our beloved state, where the sun sets among rugged mountains and adobe architecture whispers tales of tradition, Ponic Photography LLC emerges as the vanguard of wedding storytelling.

If you aren’t familiar with Ponic Photography LLC, you are in for a TREAT, lovers.

This cutie husband and wife duo, Jason and Elizabeth, founded Ponic Photography LLC out of sheer love and appreciation for capturing life’s most tender and love-filled moments. As experienced wedding photographers with a rich background in Hollywood photography, these two bring a cinematic flair to every love story they encounter.

Based out of Albuquerque, Ponic Photography offers unparalleled artistry and dedication to immortalizing your special day. Their passion for narrative photography shines through in each and every frame, as they skillfully weave together moments of love, laughter, and emotion into a timeless masterpiece. They have an unwavering commitment to providing first-class service at an affordable rate.

In a world where wedding expenses can often spiral out of control, Ponic Photography LLC offers a refreshing approach, ensuring that couples receive premium services without undue financial strain. Whether you are planning a grand wedding celebration or an intimate elopement amidst New Mexico’s breathtaking vistas, Jason and Elizabeth have the combined expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life. They are committed to more than capturing the perfect wedding moments; they’re mission is to craft a visual narrative that reflects the essence of your love story in the most captivating way possible.

“I highly recommend working with Ponic Photography! Jason and Elizabeth are fantastic to work with, very responsive, and work hard to make sure all your needs are met. They make wedding photography fun and affordable!” – Erin S.

From the quiet moments shared between the newlyweds to the jubilant celebrations with family and friends, Ponic Photography LLC excels at capturing the raw emotions and intricate details that make each wedding truly unique. Their portfolio is a testament to their talent, showcasing a diverse array of weddings and elopements, each imbued with a cinematic quality that sets them apart.

But Ponic Photography isn’t just limited to photography; they also offer videography services, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding day is captured in stunning clarity. Whether you prefer still images that freeze time or moving pictures that bring your memories to life, Ponic Photography has the skills and equipment to exceed your expectations.

We get it; planning your wedding and crafting a budget that makes sense for you can be a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to be. And starting with booking your wedding photographer for your New Mexico wedding can start RIGHT. HERE. Let Ponic Photography be your trusted partner in capturing every fleeting moment and transforming them into everlasting memories. With their unmatched talent, dedication, and commitment to excellence, your love story is in capable hands, ready to be immortalized in cinematic splendor.

“Jason and Elizabeth are absolutely amazing people!! They did photos for my husband and I as well as wedding photos for my son and daughter in law. I can’t describe the experience (both of them) as anything other than perfection! They are so nice, professional, kind, comforting, and talented. I cannot recommend them enough for all photo needs!!” – Candace R.

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