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For some reason I am really drawn to vintage style everything- especially at weddings . It could be because vintage style gowns and decor translate to photographs in a very profound way or because I was born in the wrong decade! Whatever the case may be- vintage has really moved from being a trend to an actual wedding style.  Along with the actual vintage style we are starting to see more classic accompaniments like  plated dinners and formal menus too.

Here are a couple of images that may inspire the vintage in you!

I love the beautiful lace bodice of this dress along with the delicate white buttons.

Those kind of details really help make this look timeless.

Designed by {Christos}

I love the veil this next bride is wearing. It is so simple and beautiful. Her form fitting mermaid -style gown pairs perfectly with the delicate white lace.

Photo Credit: {Jodi Miller Photography}

While strapless gowns have really taken over the wedding scene and have become a huge wedding trend, I think there is something very special and beautiful about detailed embroidery work around the décolletage .  This champagne color complements her skin beautifully too- she looks like she is glowing!

Photo credits: {veluzreyes.blogspot.com} {pinterest.com}

This next look is not necessarily vintage or traditional however, I felt the need to share it because it is so different while still eluding timelessness and elegancy .I feel a wedding trend coming on!

Photo Credit: {La Mariee en Colere}

Whatever you decide to do for your wedding make sure it reflects your true personality. Make sure it is a day of pure bliss, happiness and camaraderie for you and loved ones and like I always say don’t sweat the small stuff.

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