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Your journey towards forever with your beloved deserves to be frozen in time, crystalized by the shutter of a camera lens for you and your loved ones to reminisce on and for future generations to marvel over. Wedding photography is an art, ya’ll, one that takes years to master and is a special talent that not just anyone is born with.

But really, it makes sense: a wedding marks the beginning of a new life, the merging of two families, and the consecration of unconditional love and life-long commitment. To say a wedding is sacred would be an understatement. As such, the magnitude of responsibility for a wedding photographer reaches beyond the horizons of beginning a new life. It’s stamping the passing of time in photos that will serve as a point of reflection and the history of two lineages merging into one.

If you’re on the search for a wedding photographer up for the task of capturing your wedding day’s most precious moments, we have just the curator for you: Amazing Colorado Photography.

Really, folks, when we say Amazing Colorado Photography is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G… we seriously mean it. This cutie wedding photographer is dedicated to the process of creating a fun and comfortable environment for all wedding goers, allowing couples and their wedding guests to showcase their authentic selves.

And wait, did we mention Amazing Colorado Photography’s founder is, in fact, Amazing?! No, really. Amazing Davis is the brains AND heart of Amazing Colorado Photography. Married to the love of her life, Amazing has been inspired to work in the wedding photography biz by her very own love story. They are passionate about witnessing others find love and are thrilled by the process of capturing special moments.

“The BEST feeling for me is that first response after you see your photographs. It gives me a warm tingly feeling inside that I adore.” – Amazing D.

From engagement sessions to the grandeur of a wedding day, Amazing Colorado Photography believes wholeheartedly in capturing the essence of your relationship in every. Single. Shot. Their photographs are an exploration of each couple’s personality, energy, and story.

Amazing Colorado Photography specialized in engagement sessions, where Amazing goes above and beyond to find the perfect location for each couple that matches their unique, one-of-a-kind vibe. Their goal is to ensure that every snapshot tells your love story effortlessly. And let us tell YOU — they never fail to impress!

But the commitment to excellence doesn’t end with the photos themselves. Amazing Colorado Photography is dedicated to providing a memorable experience from the initial consultation to well after the wedding day. The team strives to create an atmosphere of joy, ensuring that every moment leading up to, during, and after your wedding or elopement is nothing short of — your guessed it — AMAZING.

We wouldn’t be doing Amazing Colorado Photography justice if we didn’t mention they’re two signature styles, each tailored to meet the unique preferences of their clients. The “Light Style” embraces natural, vibrant edits with true-to-life colors and an elegant, soft finish, while the “Dark Style” takes a bold and dramatic approach, paying meticulous attention to detail for a sensational movie-like finish.

In recognition of the diverse needs of their clients, Amazing Colorado Photography offers flexible payment plans to make their top-notch services accessible for all. Couples can choose from various options, including a monthly payment plan, ensuring that every couple can avail themselves of the opportunity to have their special moments captured by Amazing, regardless of budget constraints.

Truly, ya’ll — Amazing Colorado Photography stands out as more than just a service — it’s an investment in memories that will last lifetimes. Trust Amazing to turn you love story into a visual masterpiece, with each frame capturing the essence of your unique journey toward forever.

“Amazing is simply AMAZING! As a hairstylist working alongside her a few times she has never failed to disappoint and deliver nothing but beautiful, raw photos. Her turn around for photos is extremely timely too. I was like a kid in the candy store when she got them to me so quickly! But if we want to get personal, her soul is so welcoming and a pure joy to be around. She will be your biggest hype woman and make sure to play the role of everyone she needs to be (hairstylist, seamstress, makeup artist, etc,) to make sure things are in place and your photos turn out perfect! If you are looking for a photographer and are reading this review, look no more! She’s what you’ve been looking for 💕” – Brittany M.

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