Separate E-mail Accounts for Wedding Arrangements

We can all use more tips and tricks to make life a little easier especially during very busy times like planning a wedding. One genius idea when it comes to planning your wedding is to create a separate e-mail account in which you give out to guests and various wedding professionals as to handle all the details of your nuptials in a very organized and professional way.  This way when you give out our personalized wedding e-mail (i.e  julianne’ to everyone involved in helping or attending your wedding and when you are in the right mindset and space to sift through your e-mails, you are more able to put forth all of your energy and undivided attention towards your wedding. I don’t know about you but for me, emails coming from every which way swamp my general e-mail account. This makes its increasingly easier to miss important communications. Stay on top of all your appointments and arrangements by having all the details and plans of your event sent to one specified location. Most e-mails services are free  and I personally get a lot of use out of my gmail. Gmail makes it very easy to sync, save and communicate with contacts. It also offers a social media like interface called google+ which is a very useful tool. This is just another way Perfect Wedding Guide wants to help make wedding planning less of a task and more of an experience for you! Visit our main website for more inspiration and useful tools.

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