If you haven’t already noticed, Colorado offers some of the most undeniably beautiful, picturesque landscapes (and indoor wedding venue locations) across the Southwest region. From the luxurious ranch home overlooking the San Juan Mountains at Gold Mountain Ranch, to the chic downtown Denver lounge spot Jaguar Room, Colorado surely does not run short of dreamy places to celebrate a day of wedding activities.

But let us be clear, Colorado’s allure extends far beyond its majestic scenery; it resides in the passion and artistry of its wedding professionals. From wedding florists who weave natural beauty into every arrangement, to the many photographers who skillfully capture the essence of each moment, the state boasts a diverse selection of professionals who transform weddings into truly unforgettable experiences.

As the anticipation for Valentine’s Day builds, so does the excitement for couples embarking on their wedding journey this coming spring, summer, and fall! If you are in the process of solidifying your final wedding vendors the lovey holiday season, you’re in the right place. This week, we are going to share with you just a few of our favorite Colorado wedding photographers: Antler Run Photography, Amazing Colorado Photography, JT Photography LLC, Agape Films Co., and Nisha Louise Photography.

Photo: Antler Run Photography

1.  Antler Run Photography

Antler Run Photography, a husband-and-wife wedding photo and video team, are Colorado locals who are lovers of the outdoors. They’ve been taking wedding photography to new heights, exploring a creative approach to their work that incorporates a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques. Antler Run Photography crafts images that tell a story and create a visual narrative that couples can cherish for a lifetime. They specialize in outdoor photos, but are equally talented in capturing magical wedding moments indoors, too!

“Absolutely loved working with Christine and Mike. Amazing people both at their jobs and personality wise. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to work with on our special day!” – Adison C.

Photo: Amazing Colorado Photography

2. Amazing Colorado Photography

Amazing, owner of Amazing Colorado Photography, truly lives up to her name. They consistently deliver high quality photos and photo albums, engagement sessions, the option for print release, and wedding photos that represent the TRUE you. Amazing is AMAZING at capturing the most intimate moments of your wedding day while embracing the rustic charm of Colorado. Their use for natural light and keen eye for detail ensures that every image reflects the authentic emotions of the day!

“Her name defines her! She is an Amazing human and photographer! Her eye for the perfect background to compliment the shot matched her talent for producing a gallery of beautiful photographs and memories that will be treasured for the rest of our lives. If you want a worry free wedding day with a fun, professional photographer you can count on to deliver priceless wedding photos at a competitive price, Amazing is your gal!!” -Robynne & Cheryl

Photo: JT Photography LLC

3. JT Photography LLC

Located in Rio Rancho, NM, JT Photography LLC commits to traveling all over Colorado to share the gift of their truly unique photography skills. As a husband-and-wife team, they both contribute their special talents to provide the most beautiful possible photos from your wedding day. Jonathan is the man behind the lens and the impeccable photo editor, and Abbie is the creative brain that assists with wardrobe and direction with posing and movement. JT Photography LLC has a distinctive vision that is born each time they sign on with a new couple, and are pros at making each client feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera!

Photo: Agape Films Co.

4. Agape Films Co.

Alyssa, owner and master photographer behind Agape Films Co., lives and breaths on the belief that LOVE is one of the only sustainable things that humans can consistently rely on for joy — and we agree! This simple yet powerful idea can be felt through each and every photo and video taken by Agape Films Co., and is probably why they are one of Colorado’s favorites. Their use of dynamic angles and storytelling techniques ensures that every couple receives a visual masterpiece that transcends traditional wedding photography.

Alyssa delivered the most incredible wedding video for my husband and I. We could not be more satisfied!! She was great at communication, easy to work with, and really helped us navigate the day. She made us feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. If we could have given her a thousand star rating, we would. Truly cannot recommend enough.”

Photo: Nisha Louise Photography

5. Nisha Louise Photography

Talk about a wedding photographer that has true skill…Nisha Louise Photography has a unique eye for beauty and love that come through in each of their shots. From California, Nisha of Nisha Louise Photography was drawn to Colorado when she fell in love with her now husband. But the love didn’t stop there; she quickly grew a deep appreciation for Colorado’s beautiful landscapes, mountains, and rivers.  Nisha draws her inspiration from Colorado’s mystical nature AND from the love of each couple she has the pleasure of working with.

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