Brides and grooms can set up wedding website through new web app

A new application allows for couples to interact with their guests and provides a social platform for people to find out the latest news and updates about the upcoming nuptials. The web application, Weduary, is an easy way to create a website while using Facebook to invite their guests, according to Reuters.

The guests can benefit from the site a great deal. Not only does it feature helpful information, but it also can help the guests interact with each other.

“It says which hotel they’re staying at, when they are arriving to the event, their favorite story of the bride and groom and what their cell phone is,” Brit Morin, CEO of Brit & Co, the brand behind Weduary, told the news source.

In addition, those who are going to the wedding solo can look at the Flirt section and find out what they have in common with some of the other guests, according to the media outlet.

There are many different ways brides and grooms who are wedding planning can take advantage of the internet. For example, there are a slew of sites that allow couples to plan their wedding with ease. Perfect Wedding Guide also provides a service to brides to their own customizable website. Through this site brides can have the following sections: About us, Blog, Bridal Party, Guestbook, Wedding Info, Photo Gallery, Polls, Registry and RSVP’s.  To set-up your own Perfect Wedding Guide Website click here.

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